Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Hello World!

As a tradition, when starting something new, an old-fashioned "hello world!" is in order. If you do not know of this tradition, you may not find many of the following posts very interesting. Just guessing here...

Welcome to spideyclick.net, a place for me to dump all of my ideas, progress updates, frustrations, discoveries and more, all in one place. If you have known me for a few years, you might ask, "why, Zach, why should this blog be any different? Don't you have, say, three others that dwindled in use and died?" And if you didn't know me for a few years, you now know that I have four registered blogs (and that's with Google's Blogger service alone--don't get me started on WordPress). So, what's so special about this blog?

First, I paid for the domain name. That's $12 a year. Hopefully, this will give me a little more motivation to write things down in the future! (Insert pessimistic response here)

Second, I have no real expectations for this blog. Normally I would like to post once or twice a week (or once a day, but that does not usually last for long!). But I want to write down only the things I find interesting here. When I find something that captures my imagination, or when I have a breakthrough, or when I don't have a breakthrough, or when I come out with something--all of those are things I'd like to write about. And if a month goes by without any of that kind of action, then it's going to be a boring month for both you the readers and me, the bored guy.

Third, everyone else is doing this now. When I started my first blog, I knew of no-one else that was crazy like me. I was just writing away, telling the internet--the world--how my day was, what I had for breakfast, the kind of thing people do on Facebook anymore. But nowadays, I am often on the internet, looking for ways to solve a problem to some code I cannot get working. And when I find the answer, it comes in only one of two places: some sub-domain of stackoverflow, or some coder's home-made website that looks and functions beautifully and that I could spend hours reading through. And I have. And it's a lot of fun!*

So now that you know what this place is about, here are a few of the goals I want to complete in the near future:

  • I currently have a program on my github account called "Lynx Program Downloader." It started as a small project at work, but I decided to try and package the script so it could be run on any computer, which meant turning a lot of absolute paths into relative ones. It's still very experimental, has a few bugs and a lot of missing features. But, if you're brave, I'm looking for people to take a look at the code, try it out and give me some feedback! Anything that helps me get it closer to a "1.0" release is definitely appreciated!
  • Big goal here: getting my Bachelor of Arts degree in Computer Science. This one is going to take a lot of time and dedication, but I am doing pretty much all of my studies through online courses and CLEP tests with the help of CollegePlus. I hope to graduate within 2-3 years.
  • Tools and languages I want to learn: Bash, Python (and Django), C++, QT, OpenGL. I think this may be more difficult than the college degree...thoughts? Do you think so?
  • Google Summer of Code: I'd like to join and work on some of the KDE projects I am interested in (Okular, Kdenlive, any of the others with a "k" in them).

Alright, I think that's a good start. It's getting late here, and I really should have spent tonight studying for my A+ Certification test (yes, another goal). That's coming up here in the next week or two, and don't want to take it until I feel certain I can pass. In the meantime, I am working on an Introductory Sociology course for my college degree (how does this help me with a BA in CS? Just kidding, I get it.). I have also been reading about and experimenting with python--I've got a couple projects I might post in the future if I can package them properly.

Comments are welcome! Don't be a stranger! Thanks for reading!

 *Fine, if you want to have fun too, visit these sites:
Wait a second... :)

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