Friday, August 21, 2015


It's been a long time coming, but today I finally passed a test that gives me the title of A+ Certified Technician!

A couple years ago, I got a job as an IT Consultant.  My boss, Mike, encouraged me to pursue this certification.  Although I learned most of what I know from doing it in practice, a certification of this kind allows me to show on paper that I am proficient in troubleshooting and maintaining computers, devices, networks and operating systems.  It's a decent thing to have on a resume, from what I can tell.

Now that I am certified, I can put a little more focus toward my college studies, too.  That will help me as I go into my second term of college studies.  It was difficult splitting up the time between my "official" courses, but I'm glad I did it.

Looking forward to moving ahead as I continue to learn about Computer Science and knock out my general studies.  I've had a bunch of fun at the Pueblo Maker Club here at the Rawlings Library (I'm sitting here after having a celebratory lunch).  They meet on Thursdays around 5:30 PM and talk about anything related to DIY projects, 3D printing, coding and anything else that tends to come up.  I learn a bunch of stuff every time I come, and I feel like I am finally making some more connections with others who share my interests (shout-out to Aaron, better known to me as qbit, for blowing my mind every time!).  It's a lot of fun--you can come any week or check out the meetup page here.

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