Friday, March 11, 2016

Spidey's back!

The geek in me has to share some of my excitement at seeing my long-time favorite hero returning to the screen, this time with many more friends! I've always enjoyed just about anything Spider-Man. He's one of the few characters that really stands up for what is right, and outside of his super-human powers, he plays the part of a normal guy. The draw, for me, is the idea that he isn't special because he has super-powers. It's that he uses them to do what is right. And that's something anybody can do.

It's been kind of disappointing to see how long it took to bring Spidey to the Avengers--but that's not to say I didn't enjoy the films along the way. I grew up with the Sam Raimi films, so when I think of Spider-Man, that's the version that tends to come to mind. There will never be a true replacement for the characters of those films--Aunt May, J. Jonah Jameson, Norman Osborn--all were cast perfectly. I also enjoy the huge moral emphasis in every film. No matter who the bad-guy is or how many team up against him at once, at the end of the day, Spidey is left with the choice to do what is right and what is easy. Time and time again, though he doesn't always get it the first time, he chooses to do the right thing. That's inspiring, and that's what superheroes are supposed to do: inspire us to do the right thing.

Of course, I don't hate the reboot either. The Amazing Spider-Man films were great in their own way, and really showcased a playful, cool version of Peter that I enjoyed. No matter how many people down on the Amazing Spider-Man 2, I will always love that movie. You've got real dedication from a growing man who's trying to do the right thing mixed with one of the coolest looking (and sounding) bad-guys I've ever seen to boot! Add in to that some amazing swinging footage, and you've got a fun ride.

But now we get to see somebody take up the mantle again. I'm glad to see this finally take place, even though it means yet another reboot. It'll be great to see him with the others, even though he's coming in at a tense moment. But it sounds like the new actor will be a great fit for the role, and the design seems to draw from the older comics while pulling in some contemporary details. Expressive eyes are a huge part of how Spidey communicates in the comics, and I think they found a way to pull that off realistically. Here's to hoping it will turn out great!


P.S. It's cool to see how they integrated a hexagon onto his suit. Much like the icon I've been using...hmmm....

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