Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Web Dev for a Weekend

Had a really bad/kind of good thing happen at work a week ago: our website got hacked. We had to take it down entirely for a few days, but it gave me the chance to do something I didn't think I'd be trusted with for a few months yet: rebuilding the whole thing.
ATC Communications
To be fair, most of the main content has been copy/pasted back in. But what I did do is re-implement the pages using HTML and CSS, rather than the WordPress template we were using before. We needed a way to customize the page in some specific ways, and things just got simpler when we got WP out of the picture. If you want to see what it looks like now, feel free! But keep in mind it's still a work in progress...

I've had fun with web development since I was twelve, and it's always been one of those skills that is just plain handy. I've made basic websites in the past for other small organizations, but this one needed to be ready in as little time as possible. I spent some time over the weekend getting things in usable shape, then tweaking the interface to something that looked and felt pretty good. Granted, there is still a lot I'd like to change, but now that things are up and running again, I can implement things over time.

Otherwise, things are still going along like normal, my time split between work, education and coding projects (currently playing around with PyOpenGL and QT). After a couple months spent mostly on moving and settling into the new job, I finally earned another 3 college credits with "Introductory Psychology." What did I learn? The more we know about brains, the more we realize we have no idea what is going on up there.

As a side note, I played a game I think is very worthwhile. If you enjoy stories of hope and grace even through death and despair, you should try playing a game called "That Dragon, Cancer". I won't go into much more detail than that, it's really something you just need to play in order to understand it.

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