Monday, May 16, 2016

New House

Things have been crazy busy the last couple months. I've moved out of my apartment and into a new (to me) house of my own! It's a little closer to work and family. Things will continue to take much of my time as I get lots of projects done around the house. In the meantime, I'm learning lots about hosting websites at work and using some Javascript on the webpage (without making it completely dependant on it).

I may not have time to program on my own projects for a little while, but I'm coming up with ideas all the time! Codecademy never stops creating new courses that I want to take, but alas, I have to make time for it.

At this point, I'm just focusing on getting steady standing on my own two feet and finishing my college mathematics course on time.  Keeps me busy, but busy is good.

Also got my motorcycle running and am developing the habits of mowing my lawn and taking out the garbage. Like it or not, adulthood, here I come...