Wednesday, September 14, 2016


I can't believe I have been working with HTML and CSS for so long, thinking I could call myself something of a web designer, without knowing the ins and outs of the Flexbox. Heard about it before, didn't understand it until now. Flexbox, where have you been all my life?!? Oh, right here.

Combining that with the media queries I am finally adding to my pages, I am finally understanding for the first time how responsive web design works. See, I only did enough to create a semi-fluid website (with some fixed-width elements, shame on me) for the website at work. Designing for mobile was always a goal, something I'd like to eventually do, but it was lower on the list. I finally got to it, and am realizing that designing for mobile quite possibly should have been my first step.

In addition, I've found some amazing resources straight from Google about responsive web design. I've been pouring through those materials as quickly as I can, and am finding lots of things I can improve on my templates. I'm having lots of fun with different layouts right now, and am finding the sweet spots for different layout types. Applying the new mobile styles to the existing site is taking some time, but I am so excited to see the way it will look and feel when I'm done with it.

Also, I am really considering spending $5/mo on a virtual server from Digital Ocean. If you have any advice, pros/cons, let me know in a comment below! Eventually I'd like to move this website over to something I can control a little more. Blogger doesn't allow me to edit the actual HTML and CSS of the site, which has always bothered me. It would be wonderful to liberate my pages! Let me know what you all think.