Monday, December 12, 2016

Stuff from December

I can't really give much of a specific title to today's post. There are just so many different directions, so many little things I want to bring up! I should really just split these into a few smaller posts.

First off, my project at work is finally coming together! I am able to query our MySQL database (after much research, trial and error) from one of our programs and am utilizing the REST API from another to bring two of our programs under control, inside one PyQT-powered interface that any of us can use from any workstation in the office! This makes me very excited. I've also been pulling giant lists of email addresses, going to each record and asking, "do you exist here? How about here?" until I came up with this massive list of accounts that I'm still wrapping my mind around. Big data, I guess.

Basic, early visualization of what
the program should look like.
Early. And very basic.
Don't forget--basic.
I still need to bring our email server under control. It works in Perl, which is great, because they have already created dozens of scripts for it. The problem is, I can only run them on the server--I can't authenticate from another machine. It's another hurdle, I think one that I'll need to solve by working with my manager to figure out how to enable remote connections. But we're reeeally close to something that can save us lots of time, and it is already saving me two steps every time I need to create or remove and email address.

I hit the 1/3 mark on my college in November, and I'll know in a couple weeks if I passed a six-credit course over last Tuesday. Sometimes college feels like a slow, long trek. And, really, in a lot of ways it is. Persistent work over a long time isn't really a bad thing. But boy is it good to look back and realize I'm almost halfway there. It's going to be great to get there!

StackOverflow continues to blow my mind with their job search engine. Every once in a while they bug me to update my Developer Story, and I can't help but think that's the way of the future.

Found a great and I think rather insightful video about the over-complexity that comes with hundreds of people doing the same thing, or abstracting to a perhaps ridiculous level without making the process simple. I take it as a good reminder that anything I create really isn't useful to other people when it's hard to understand.

I purchased a green screen recently after realizing I have an entire room of my house just sitting empty. I have a lighting set from my time in professional photography and a few backdrops, but I knew I had to get a green screen when I saw this guy. I'm sorry, but live programming in front of the screen you're working on? That's just way too cool. I fully expect to embarrass myself trying to imitate this guy within the next few weeks.

Okay, I think that's it for now. Having lots of fun as the family is getting closer and closer to moving to Nebraska! Sounds like we'll all be together for Christmas. I couldn't have expected how meaningful that would be at the start of the year. What a great way to end it!