Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Summer Progress

Summer was full of things to do and projects I've been working on. I got to work on my C++ course and completed it just a couple weeks ago. That was a lot of fun because I feel it was teaching me the scalability of programming. Languages like Python are great for their simplicity, but diving into the details with C++ made me understand how much of software development is focused on making code reusable, scalable and safe.

I got to learn about managing memory and pointers and public/private classes (and why those things exist at all!), and if this course represents the general direction that Software Engineering will go, then I'm sooo ready for it!

I've also been able to create an OpenGL 3+ context through SDL and start playing around with it. Previously I had done something similar through Python + QT, but I ended up realizing I was usng OLD OpenGL tutorials. Honestly, I had tried really hard to make sure what I was learning was relevant! It's pretty tricky getting started sometimes...Anyway, so I decided that with my newfound C++ knowledge I would give OpenGL another go. VBO's and shaders made things a little more difficult at this stage, where I'm just trying to display a triangle, but I finally got it working. Now I can accept keyboard input, play sounds and music, and change colors. I had to follow two different tutorials--this one was mostly about SDL but showed me how to get things compiled and running on Linux without using Visual Studio and this one had the most recent OpenGL information. I compiled the program in Linux and put it up here. Not sure if it's going to work on anybody's computer but mine for the time being...

Also, I made a video tutorial about Flask on YouTube, but it's not complete and the audio is pretty bad. I couldn't help it though! It's one of those videos you create more for yourself than anybody else...

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